The School Improvers

Our remit: 

School Council

Eco Group 

Carbon Ambassadors 


This term we’ve raised almost £100 for the British Legion,
we’ve given our Harvest Gifts to the Salvation Army
and we collected 25 Christmas boxes for children in Liberia.

Well done to the School Council who have rallied our community to
donate presents for the children of Liberia – we doubled
the number boxes donated! 

Road Safety

Healthy Living

Children’s views

And anything else that makes our school, and the world around us, a great place to live, learn and play!

2015 Winner’s Video

Carbon Ambassadors

March 2013:

Three children from the School Improvers went to TVA for the day to learn about effective ways to help our school be more ecological and economical so that we can reduce our carbon footprint.

June 2013:

We have completed the SCoRE programme and after analysing the electricity usage at our school during Spring Term, Lincolnshire County Council found that we had made a 50% reduction in our consumption!

This is the highest reduction and energy saving across all Lincolnshire Schools.

Below the boys receive their certificates from Jonathan Parkin and Councillor Brailsford at the Celebration Event at Hemswell.


Below is a screen shot from an Energy Report created by LCC Sustainability Team Leader, Doug Robinson

End of Term Review

Autumn Term 2012


Our members this term have been: Joshua, Tyrese, Yousef, Finnley, Connor, Caitlin, Charlotte, Tegan and Katie-Louise.
On our last meeting, we considered ‘What have we accomplished this term?’. As you can see below, we have been very busy:


  1. Organised Pudsey Play raising over £50.00
  2. Ran a ‘Winter Safety’ JRSO safety competition
  3. Researched ‘dome skylights’ and prepared a presentation
  4. Appointed 3 Carbon Ambassadors
  5. Thought about reducing energy with Mr Parkin from Lincolnshire County Council
  6. Signed up for the SCoRE energy reduction programme
  7. Made and displayed tissue hygiene posters
  8. Made a start on a School Grounds Tree Audit using the iPads
  9. Ordered some new tissue bins with lids
  10. Researched what can go in which bin and chatted to Mrs Hill about how much each class recycles
  11. Collected leaves and tidied up our school grounds
  12. Made a hibernating pile in a quiet corner of the field
  13. Promoted Operation Christmas Child
  14. As a school, we raised over £90.00 for Water Aid and over £300.00 for the British Legion
  15. Turned up each week, brimming with enthusiasm!

We also thought about what we would like to do in the Spring Term 2013.

Our plans are: 

  1. MartonSchoolImprovers
  2. Establish a Positive Play Squad
  3. Attend Carbon Ambassador training
  4. Stick new labels on bins to aid recycling & explain/advertise this in assembly & on our notice board
  5. Monitor room temperatures in school (each class to have room thermometers)
  6. Think about how we can best use & improve the Wildlife Area
  7. Tidy up the playground and playground equipment, replacing broken items and getting views on what children would like to play with
  8. Contact a ‘dome skylight’ company to arrange a quote
  9. Investigate water saving ‘Hippo Bags’
  10. Research the possibility of rainwater harvesting for the toilets
  11. Arrange for a tree specialist to come and help us complete our tree audit
  12. Go on a trip somewhere to advance our Eco knowledge!
  13. Make some ‘Turn the lights off’ switch labels
  14. Find a way to re-use Diamond Class’s milk cartons
  15. Research draught-proofing (especially in hall cupboards)
  16. Promote and organise Comic Relief
  17. Hold a ‘What’s in Your Lunchbox?’ campaign in conjunction with UNICEF healthy eating day
  18. Get ourselves some new ‘Marton School Improvers’ badges
  19. Make some video clips explaining what we do for the school website
  20. Anything else that crops up!

Marton School Improvers 

Operation Christmas Child

This year we sent 12 Christmas boxes. They will be delivered to Romania and Liberia in time for Christmas!
A big thanks to all the Mums and Dads that helped.


Pudsey Play

On Friday, we organised a Pudsey Play for all the school . We split it into 2 different groups – Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 . Some of the games involved learning and some were just for fun! Everyone said they really enjoyed it.


A big thank you for all the games that were brought in. We raised £ 58.54! And a great big thank you for all of the donations too.


Charlotte and Caitlin
Marton School Improvers